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Defence cover


Defend the land from the ghosty looking orbs that came out of nowhere!

- Before you start -
1) Every time you finish a level, either by losing or winning you earn credits. You can use these credits to finish the level you couldnt win before (by retrying the level, of course) or you can use that to win the next level.

2) In case the amount of your credits drop below 150, the next time you play a level you automatically start with 150 credits in your disposal.

3) Controls: Use the mouse to select land to build a turret, only grass is capable of supporting the turrets. (duh..) Sometimes you may be required to press some keyboard buttons to proceed. Every control is being shown on screen when needed so you wont get confused. :)

4) The time it takes to beat the whole game is roughly 5-10 minutes.

5) There are 4 types of turrets in this version at least.

6) The game was built within two weeks by Coding iggy, Obviously.

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System requirements

A potato computer will do.